Our Legal Practice Areas


Corporate & Commercial law

We provide assistance to and representation of companies both in relationships with their business partners and in the disputes that may arise in a company’s life. We draft, review and negotiate contracts across a wide range of trade agreements. We provide legal solutions to our clients’ business so that they are aware of the risks they are exposed to and of their opportunities when making certain management decisions. We assist companies (with or without foreign capital) in the Trade Registry both in Bucharest and in any other Romanian city, in the following proceedings: • Company registration (establishment); • Registration branches, subsidiaries, working points; • Change of business name; • Change of registered office in the same county or other counties; • Division of companies; • Contributions to the share capital (in kind, cash); • Increase or decrease of share capital; • Mergers and acquisitions; • Appointments, revocations, and administrator changes; • Dissolution and liquidation of companies; • Assignment (sale) of shares; • Legal transformation (LLC, JSC, etc.); • Registration or modification of trademarks and logos; • Temporary suspension of business activity; • Appointment, change / modification of auditors; • Exclusion and withdrawal of shareholders; • Extension or reduction of the duration of operation of companies; • Company takeovers; • Changes to the object of activity (main activity change, addition of NACE codes, activity authorisation, recoding);

Administrative Law

At present, any business is rigorously regulated by national rules (laws and ordinances) and by local rules (decisions adopted by local councils). Most of the time, the rules are involuntarily violated by entrepreneurs and our primary goal is to prevent them so that their business is safe. We assist and represent our clients in all prior administrative proceedings and in the courts for the cancellation of unlawful administrative documents (building permits, local council decisions illegally adopting urban plans, demolition of illegally buildings, etc.) as well as for the recognition of claimed rights and repairing the damages caused. We represent our clients before local and central public authorities in order to legally change the names or surnames of people concerned.

Intellectual Property Law

In order to protect the identity of our clients’ business, we offer them assistance in the proceedings before the following national and international institutions: • OSIM (Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks) for the registration of national trademarks, industrial drawings and designs; • ORDA (Romanian Copyright Office) for the protection of copyright and related rights; • EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for the registration of trademarks at the European level. We provide consultancy and representation services in courts of law and before other jurisdictional institutions for the protection of intellectual property rights, rights conferred by a patent, registered trademarks, industrial designs, copyright. We provide representation in court actions for the cancellation of patents, registered trademarks or industrial drawings/designs as well as in disputes arising from collisions of trademarks/brand names/domain names/geographical details.

Tax Law

We assist and represent clients before tax authorities in terms of challenging administrative and fiscal documents, before contentious administrative and fiscal courts for the cancellation and suspension of the effects ensuing from Inspection Reports and Tax Decisions, as well as for the suspension and cancellation of forced execution proceeded to by the tax administration.

Banking Law

We provide consultancy in the conclusion and negotiation of loan agreements and mortgage sales agreements. If a real estate that is the subject of a sale is located in a residential area, most of the times the sales agreement includes numerous clauses to the buyer’s disadvantage which are not found in the pre-agreement. Therefore, the buyer must be twice as careful, both regarding the loan agreement concluded with a bank and the sales agreements concluded with the real estate developer. We provide consultancy and representation in litigations for the partial cancellation of loan agreements in terms of abusive clauses, in the forced execution procedure as well as in the payment notification procedure.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

We assist and represent our clients in the proceedings before the ECHR if, in a finally settled national dispute, the national court has violated one of the rights protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. Given the strict admissibility conditions of an application before the Strasbourg Court, we reserve the right to represent clients before the ECHR only if we have already represented them in national courts, too.


We assist and represent in insolvency proceedings both the debtor company when the client wishes to declare insolvency and the creditors for the total or partial recovery of their receivables. We assist the management of the debtor company (directors and/or partners) in litigation with the object of attracting patrimonial personal liability. We monitor an entire insolvency procedure to ensure those client rights are respected by the liquidator, by the syndic judge or by the other creditors, and, when the situation requires, we represent the client before the commercial court.

European Funds

We provide assistance and representation in order to implement European funding contracts by reaching the result indices. In circumstances when the control bodies lay down certain obligations for clients regarding the way a European funding contract has been implemented, we provide representation before the courts in actions for annulment of decisions and reports issued by institutions subordinated to the Ministry of European Funds.

Debt Recovery

We represent clients debt recovery procedures either amiable or in a contentious manner. We provide representation both in the national and in the European enforcement stages through the European payment notification procedure or through the recognition of decisions in civil or commercial matters, in all European Union Member States.

Personal Injury Litigation

We provide assistance and representation in negotiations with insurance companies and in the court, throughout the entire procedure of granting compensations for injuries caused by accidents, whether they are road or medical accidents caused by doctors (malpractice) or even non-functional equipment.

ANRP (National Agency for Property Restitution)

We provide assistance and representation throughout the entire compensation procedure, starting with representation before the local authorities (mayor, local land commission) for the issuance of the Mayor’s Decision, representation before the prefecture for obtaining compliance certificates, before the CNCI (National Commission for the Compensation of Real Estates) for the issuance of the Settlement Decision, as well as before the ANRP for issuing and capitalizing the Payment Titles.